Vendor Management

ICT Vendor Management

Many businesses simply do not have the time or know-how to pull many of their different IT vendors together. On average most business tend to establish quite a few relationships with ICT vendors in the form of Server, Storage, Networking, Desktop, Printing & Mobile hardware provision. In addition Software licensing agreements, Software life cycle asset management, external support on IT hardware, phone systems, broadband provision, web provision, printing/coping and software applications.

As a service BMS technology can step in to help manage some or all of these relationships on your behalf. This will reduce that “IT headache” and the amount of senior management time which can then be better spent elsewhere running the business or on other management projects.


BMS technology can act as the central point of contact for all service issues pertaining to your ICT systems, a trusted advisor for interaction with all software vendors that will proactively monitor licensing agreements to ensure the business capitalises on every benefit, whilst tracking important milestones around upgrades, maintenance options and the timely purchasing of licensing or renewals. Advising and assisting on current technology solutions from key Hardware & Software vendors while helping to secure competitive proposals from them on products and services of interest.