IT Consultancy

Consulting Engineers

At BMS technology we can provide our customers affordable IT specialists for projects and assignments in the short and longer term by means of our consulting services. These consultancy services expand out to encompass Systems, Networking and Datacentre engineering skillsets to provide professional services that our customers require. Put simply: We supply an efficient screening which provides the "match" between our customer's needs and the right IT specialist, while saving our customer’s time and money.

Speak with us -: We can offer

  • Service desk agents
  • Support engineers
  • System administrators
  • Database administrators
  • Network engineers
  • Project managers
  • Systems engineers
  • IT architects

We draw on a team that is crammed with ability and IT know-how and we have specialists available for assignment to projects and who are permanently under continual guidance and training. In the event a specialist is unavailable then we will immediately go in search of the perfect replacement. Our objective as your consulting partner is the successful completion of your projects!

In addition we can also offer our customers Infrastructure services and Hosting services accompanied by experienced & knowledgeable consultants, all of whom benefit from ongoing training, guidance and certification, which is something that our customers can directly benefit from. We feel this approach has resulted in better motivation and enthusiasm within the consultancy services team.

The above will guarantee the “best-fit” personnel for your IT projects, every time, where your advantages are:

  • Immediate availability of certificated IT professionals.
  • IT specialists available for short and long term projects.
  • Backup IT staff when needed.
  • Reduced downtime searching for competent IT personnel.
  • Reduced selection and recruitment overheads
  • Reduced overheads on in-house training and education.
  • Modular and custom-made.
  • A resource of knowledge and experience.