Who BMS technology Are

We are one of Ireland’s IT resellers with knowledge of the local IT market for 25+ years. Unlike some businesses in Ireland’s IT channel, we’re absolutely sure of our W5 (Who, Where, When, Why, & What we are), and keen to demonstrate a strong performance in IT sourcing, delivering and supporting, from the smallest to the most complex of IT solutions. We provide valued IT solutions into corporate and public sector organisations in Ireland, trading with longstanding customers, Tier 1 branded IT vendors, technology service partners, and product logistics from strong relationships within the IT distribution whole-sellers based in the UK & Ireland.

BMS technology Philosophy

We believe in a world-class customer service, forging long-term relationships and that fundamentally “people buy from people”, where the former definitely drives the latter. Success builds on providing an exceptional level of service to our customers, strengthened on our responsiveness, agility, flexibility and listening to our customers.

What BMS technology Do

Product Commodity Sourcing and IT Procurement
There’s no getting away from the fact that some of the IT you need just doesn’t require that much thought. As such peripherals, consumables and other items you can buy against pre-agreed criteria can therefore fall into the commodity category. We make commodity sourcing and General IT procurement simple and cost effective as possible. If you’re looking to standardise more of your IT procurement and ‘commoditise’ as much of your IT requirements as possible, then we can help. Sourcing IT as a commodity to drive down cost is not a new phenomenon but does require an IT partner able to offer product breadth and deliver on the best savings. Our ability to source common and indeed the unusual “add-hoc” products on the market, with experience built up over 25+ years, is hard to beat. For IT commodity sourcing, we can help you standardise on products, software and services that meets your needs whilst providing you with an affordable and flexible means of IT procurement, and ensuring supply when you need it most. This can be provided within our account management or via our optional electronic e-procurement customer portal on our BMS technology website Tech Store.

Software Licensing

We know software – it’s been one of the leading factors in our owners’ profession over the last 25+ years, and therefore we are very competent in selling and supporting our clients with software licensing, maintenance, renewals, and the various vendor specific programs around licensing, renewals and maintenance.

We understand software licensing is a minefield which is why the experience of our licensing services is on hand to give you balanced advice on everything from product choice, licensing renewals with or without the maintenance, right through to the correct agreement types, perpetual or subscription, to suit your specific business needs. Software licensing is part of a broader family of services including asset management, all of which are designed to help realise maximum value from your investment in software. BMS technology fully understands the increasingly vital role software plays in the IT environment of organisations, and we position ourselves as a vendor agnostic trusted software advisor with the ability and expertise to deliver or provide advice on software solutions at all levels.
In addition to our comprehensive licensing expertise, we can offer a range of Software services. These centre largely around Software Asset Management (SAM), these days a term that can all too often be found on the agenda of almost every organisation. Effective investment in SAM enables our clients to gain control of their software licensing, delivering an effective licensing position, transparency and ensuring compliancy, while creating potential cost savings.

Computing Solutions & Services

In addition to providing ‘Product Sourcing & IT Procurement’ BMS technology can offer customers an outsourced IT service specialising in providing businesses with first-rate IT solutions suitable for Small to Medium-Sized Agencies/Enterprises and Corporate Businesses within every industry.

We provide a full range of professional services and solutions, including On-site Support Managed or Unmanaged Services, Project Management, Consultancy, Vendor Management, Cloud integration Services and Network Infrastructure Support & Implementation.

Our philosophy is that success builds on providing an exceptional level of service to our customers and is further strengthened on listening to them: we listen to our customer’s IT concerns, their IT needs, and their IT problems. We offer impartial advice and credible IT options that are suitable for all our clients business needs. Knowing that whatever is recommended by BMS technology is the best and most cost-effective solution for their business. We’re always working to ensure that BMS technology can provide IT solutions at a competitive price and that our services enable our clients to concentrate on running their core business in confidence while being assured we have taken away that old “IT headache”