Software Licensing Consultancy

Software Licensing

A leading factor in our owners’ profession over the last 25+ years, and we are competent in selling and supporting our clients with software licensing, maintenance, renewals, and the various vendor specific programs or site agreements.

Software licensing and its management can be a minefield to manage which is why the experience of our licensing services is on hand to provide our customers with balanced advice on everything from product choice, licensing renewals with or without the maintenance, right through to the correct agreement types, perpetual, subscription or cloud, to suit your specific business needs.

Software licensing is part of a broader family of services including asset management, all of which are designed to help realise maximum value from your investment in software. BMS technology fully understands the increasingly vital role software plays in the IT environment of organisations, and we position our services as a vendor agnostic trusted software advisor with the ability and expertise to deliver or provide advice on software solutions at all levels.

In addition to our licensing expertise, we can offer Software services around Software Asset Management (SAM), these days a term that can all too often be found on the agenda of almost every organisation.

As the pressures and demands of delivering IT services to users and supporting organisational efficiency can take priority, few organisations have successfully implemented a formalised a SAM program.

What is SAM

Software Asset Management (SAM) is the entire infrastructure and processes necessary for the effective management, control and protection of the software assets within an organisation, throughout all stages of their lifecycle.

How SAM provides answers

Every day organisations are being confronted with questions in regard to their software estate – such as:
What software is installed and where?
What licence versions do we have and are they still valid?
How do we correctly license our virtualised environment?
Is the cost of our licensing to high?
Do we use and benefit from the correct licensing agreements?
Have we purchased enough licenses to cover the software we are using?

An effective investment in SAM enables clients to gain control of their software licensing, delivering an effective licensing position, transparency and ensuring compliancy, while creating potential cost savings.