Cloud Consultancy

With the ‘Cloud’ now becoming a catch all marketing term that is used to describe anything from traditional hardware hosting, data backup services, disaster recovery, virtualised desktop PC platforms and to the latest development platforms, it can be difficult for organisations to understand what they require, or even what they are being offered. In the currently evolving cloud computing climate it’s important to recognise that a one size fits all approach to IT doesn’t work and at BMS technology we will work with our customers, via our key vendor partnerships, in offering them a choice of On-Premises, In the Cloud or Hybrid Solutions.

With this approach to understanding what Cloud Computing can offer we are confident we can help customers explore and realise the benefits of Cloud Computing that is suited to their specific business needs.

This catch all marketing term “Cloud Computing” too many businesses, especially small businesses, poses a host of similar but important questions, some of which tend to be:
Security – In cloud based systems the overall security should improve.
Data will be stored in highly secure facilities and the management of facilities adhere to the highest security measures. These facilities are independently assessed on a regular basis on physical security and by the Data Protection commissioners. UK or Irish cloud providers are governed under EU legislation, are controlled under EU law and confirmation can be obtained that the data must reside within the EU. Quality cloud providers will be able to offer additional layers of Data Security in the form of a layered Data Encryption.
User Access - In terms of access to information and systems cloud subscribers have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to their data anytime anywhere.
Data Back Up - Subscriber information is stored and backed up regularly. Your cloud provider will have multiple physical locations to provide a 99.9% up time service level agreement (SLA).
Cost - For customers not familiar with this there is no one size fits all, upon discussing the merits of a “cloud solution” or an “on-premises solution” or indeed a Hybrid mix of both that bests suits their business need.

Whether you know what you want or simply need to explore the possibilities of the Cloud for your business, then talk to us - we’ll help guide you through the considerations and pitfalls, and help make recommendations based on current market experience’s.