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IT Storage

In a business just like yours you start out getting your new project, application, or indeed a new business up and running, It’s important to lay the right groundwork for future growth in a way that’s affordable and easy to deploy and manage. As your business momentum builds the growth will require the addition of employees and infrastructure to respond to new opportunities. You will need to balance budget with the more robust features your applications demand. As the business expands your needs are starting to resemble those of larger organisations, including more stringent uptime and application performance requirements and the need to support multiple locations.

BMS technology looks to find and design the storage solution that’s right for a business like yours. We typically focus on five solution areas including virtualization, file sharing, back up and data protection, MS Exchange and SQL Server.

We can provide businesses with a collection of solution-oriented products for consolidation, collaboration, and business continuity, and find a storage solution that is easy to manage, affordable to own, and reliable to operate.

BMS technology will begin by identifying your top challenges, and help guide you through the next phase in your IT journey. Whether your business is in start-up mode or evolving established IT infrastructure we can help you put solutions to work that solve your immediate storage challenges and lay the groundwork for your future IT growth.