IT Security

Business emailing with internet usage during the course of the day will inevitably lead to the exposed of potentially dangerous content.
The use of the internet by businesses is constantly changing and evolving, and due to the amount business online usage and the importance of email as a communication medium, it’s almost inevitable that a business will become exposed to potential dangerous content, such as viruses, spam, worms, Spyware, adware, Zero-day attacks, Hacker attacks, Denial of service attacks, Data interception or theft, and the list goes on…

The potential risk from these types of security threats is something that all businesses should take seriously. ‘Blended threats’ require a blended approach in order to protect your business assets, time and, more importantly, your data.

As your IT security advisor BMS technology will provide and advise on the best of breed market solutions available to protect your most crucial business assets and aid in eliminating the threat of disruption or loss of business reputation. By tailoring the security solutions we provide to your business needs, we can improve your businesses chances of not being compromised or of having sensitive business data secretly intercepted.

The four types of security solutions we offer are:

1.    Perimeter Firewall Security

These types of appliances sit at the edge of your network and are the entry and exit point to your network. They control what traffic can come and leave your local area network (LAN). We work with vendors such as Fortinet, Dell SonicWALL or Cisco, which gives us access to a range of hardware appliances that can meet your requirements and your budget. Many of these devices feature management software known as ‘Unified Threat Management’ (UFT) to filter email and internet based applications and clean as you go.
Fortinet delivers unified threat management and specialised security solutions that block today’s sophisticated threats. Fortinet consolidated architecture enables businesses to deploy fully integrated security technologies in a single device, delivering increased performance, improved protection, and reduced costs. Purpose-built hardware and software provide the high performance and complete content protection businesses need to stay abreast of a constantly evolving threat landscape. Customers rely on Fortinet to protect their constantly evolving networks in every industry and region in the world. They deploy a robust defence-in-depth strategy that improves their security posture, simplifies their security infrastructure, and reduces their overall cost of ownership.

Email Content Filtering
Email is now a critical communications medium for businesses. Its versatility, speed, and cost efficiency, make it a vital component of business operations. Businesses expect to be able to send and receive email instantly and globally via multiple devices hassle-free.

Unmonitored email systems will leave a business open to viruses, spam, a host of malware threats and data risk. The result of which can range from lost productivity, data leakage, litigation and business reputational damage or loss of brand equity. Without managed email content filtering businesses risk a serious drain on company resources.

The impact on productivity is very real and research by Gartner Group shows that on average employees spend 49 minutes a day just managing their emails. It is now expected that spam will account for 90% of all emails sent within the next 12 months representing a real obstacle to improving employee productivity.
Features & benefits of an Email Filtering Managed Service:

  1. Spam is deleted at source
  2. Increased productivity and reduced bandwidth usage
  3. Complete flexibility in implementing multiple staff policies
  4. 24 hour customer service with immediate response to queries
  5. No hidden costs, No hardware, No software, No training required
  6. Emails are held for 7 days in the event of customer infrastructure outages, at no extra cost
  7. Blocks 99.7% of spam, 98% of which at source is blocked prior to coming into contact and being stopped by our content filter.

Our mail servers’ process in excess of 1 million email messages every month, we act as a gateway for our corporate clients to provide advanced content filters that almost eliminate spam messages. Additionally, we provide web based utilities to query, approve and release quarantined emails. Because this protection is centralised, our continual improvements benefit all our Clients by minimising wasted time and reducing IT support costs.

2.    Web Content Filtering

Apart from email, the internet has proved a huge boost to the productivity and marketing potential of businesses worldwide. However, as with email, the internet too brings with it a host of business security and work productivity challenges that need to be addressed by any organisation providing web access to its staff.
It is no longer enough to simply require staff members to sign up to an in-house internet policy. Unless such internal policies can be demonstrably enforced, they are effectively useless. Our Web Content Filtering Services enables organisations to improve employee productivity by managing website access considered to be non-business related or particularly time-consuming.
Features & benefits of Web Content Filtering:

Secure Internet enables organisations to improve employee productivity by managing website access considered to be non-business related and/or especially time-consuming.

Secure Internet will also allow you to determine exactly which types of content to which staff members are allowed access. The degree of access permitted can be adjusted according to the requirements of any individual or group.

The policies and categories available for Secure Internet provide enhanced website filtering and a higher level of protection from Web-based threats. This allows you to set and enforce policies with respect to emerging threats, such as bandwidth-intensive streaming media, malicious mobile code (MMC), phishing sites, and spyware.

3.    Encryption Technologies

In today’s world of mobile, hyper-connected employees, data security is something more and more businesses are starting to appreciate. However, the risk of data being compromised is not just limited to remote or mobile workers. The emergence of light handheld and easy to conceal storage devices such a pen drives and even your mobile phone means data security is a constant risk.

 One option is Kanguru Solutions who manufacture high quality, secure, portable computer storage, peripherals, duplication equipment and more. Kanguru is committed to actively design, develop and market superior technology products to serve the data protection needs of organisations, backed by outstanding customer support.

Kanguru specialise in providing the best in the industry for secure, hardware encrypted USB flash drives, remote management and other security solutions, offering unique ways to address the data security and ever-changing data storage needs of computer and technology users.


  • Hardware-Encrypted USB Flash Drives
  • USB Security
  • Secure Data Transfer
  • Remote Management
  • External Storage
  • Custom USB Flash Drives
  • Duplication Equipment

Software Vendors:

  1. Kanguru
  2. McAfee
  3. Sophos
  4. Symantec
  5. Titan
  6. Cryptzone

Hardware Vendors:

  1. Fortinet
  2. Cisco
  3. Dell SonicWALL
  4. Zyxel
  5. Netgear
  6. IronKey