Network Infrastructure

Your network infrastructure is the foundation of your business no matter the size of your business at BMS technology we can assist you in reviewing any network infrastructural challenges you face, and construct appropriate and cost-efficient solutions that will help you to get on with doing your business. We have the provisions to meet all your networking requirements, no matter how complex your IT Infrastructure, we aim to eliminate the headaches that IT systems can produce and at the same time introduce you to better ways on delivering IT.

Using professional design skills, we integrate disparate hardware and software to design an infrastructure which will provide maximum network performance. Consultants will guide you in plotting a migration path to new network services by evaluating your current system while protecting existing investment as part of the design process.

The "Network" defines the layered infrastructure by which your data is moved about your IT environment. Not properly built the network can be a major headache. We can provision the necessary services to design, build, upgrade and develop the structure of your IT environment.
Start with the physical layer of the IT environment such as the Cable Management, Cable Connectors and Connection Points, and Clearly Labelled Network Maps all of which provide the building blocks to an efficient and reliable network. Then it’s the turn of the switching layer with Layer 2 Security, Switch/Port Configurations, Aggregation Points, Dot1Q Tagging, and Spanning Tree Protocol to produce an efficient Network infrastructure design with the correct Routing Layer provisioning for an efficient business network. Wide Area Network Design, Dynamic and Static Routing, IPv4 and IPv6 provisions must all be incorporated in the network topology.

We work with clients to identify their current technology needs gaining an understanding of their network environment and the demands they face. From this we can design and build their systems ensuring they function efficiently and productively.