Software Solutions

Software Solutions

At BMS technology we offer customers a range of software advice & services to help them get the very best licensing deals currently available on the market. We can provide assistance to help them deploy software across their organisation and any necessary on-going support and optimisation services if required. This will help our customers to only buy what they need to deploy and drive maximum value from their software investment.

Software Licensing & Asset Management.

Using our skilled sales to procure your Software Licensing will enable your organisation to streamline the purchasing experience through our expertise. We have the right people and accreditations to assist and guide you through both selection and procurement methods. Our accredited specialist can provide you with services ranging from basic software provision through to site licensing for all of the software vendors with a fully managed licensing service as required.

These days there is no getting away from Software Asset Management (SAM) as manufacturers are now more and more frequently either reviewing with or pursuing organisations for their audited licensing positions. In the event an organisations licensing position is inaccurate or has a shortfall they will usually seek compliance purchases and can, in certain instances, invoke their right to implementing a hostile audit or take legal action. Software Asset Management (SAM) is necessary for effective and precise control, management and optimisation of all software assets within your organisation.

Speak with us today to ensure your full licensing compliancy and minimise your business costs.