IT Manage

IT Manage goes all the way for your business. You can outsource any of your businesses IT Services including your IT Infrastructure in its entirety to our care and provision.

IT Manage is a modular system, a set of building blocks consisting of multiple outsourcing of services for which we can provide:

  • Outsourcing of IT Helpdesk and Support
  • Outsourcing of Desktop Management
  • Outsourcing of Server Management
  • Outsourcing of Network Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • IT Lifecycle Management

Go for all of the modules above and we will supply everything, scalable business solutions, hardware and software, provide for licensing and updates, a licensing statement with compliancy, optional licensing maintenance, hardware and software asset management, providing for the total management of your IT environment during its entire lifecycle right through to its refresh. In regard to the financial aspect of this service we have strong relationships with specialised IT leasing companies, and can offer a fully comprehensive and transparent budgetary proposal to clients, if required. On the basis of this "flat fee" our clients know exactly what their IT environment is going to cost their business every month for each user and with the benefit of no surprises.

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Package Overview

  1. Fixed monthly support fee
  2. Fixed leasing fee for hardware & software
  3. Fully monitored 24/7
  4. Modular – ‘All-In’ or ‘Grow as you Consume’